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International Furniture Expo—Full-scope Safeguards have been delivered

On September 7th 2016, the thirty-eighth International Furniture Expo has been revealed at the National Convention Exhibition Centre. The exhibition used 15 exhibition halls except for the east hall, it attracted 2,000 top brands, one hundred thousand professionals from all over the world and more than a hundred of professional procurement groups, and a hundred of media press of international corporations in different professional fields, they all attended the exhibition and celebrate this delightful moment. SFSI was involved to provide, property services through the Exhibition.
On the occasion of G20 Hangzhou Summit, property management of the exhibition requires high density of population and high standards for security, property management provider SFSI gave a solution of ‘High-dual’ standards to make sure sufficient security staffs, and meanwhile the emergencies would be resolved immediately.  Extra 50 security staffs were arranged for inner construction security of 15 exhibition halls, also regulated the service staff on the site.
Between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. of the exhibition opening hours, exhibition operation centre would provide staff training in accordance to the issues occurred on daily basis, gave emphasis on on-site construction security management and solutions, for the purpose of the on-site security of exhibition construction. SFSI always drew lessons from the experiences to enhance our service quality, only be prepared for danger in the time of peace then would not be panic in the presence of issues.
Due to the broad-scale of this exhibition, large amount of corporations attended this exhibition; project operation centre scheduled two days for move-out for the purpose of site security and order. On the first day of move-out schedule, major display products of exhibition had moved out because of the large-scale of mechanic engines. The rest of display products were arranged for the second day. On September 10th, there were no congestions or traffic accidents happened during the move-out procedure as the on-site staffs followed prescribed order. Due to the high efficiency of move-out schedule exceeded expectations of endorser, National Convention Centre gave short notice to ask exhibit staffs to help both uninstall equipments and move out display products.
Until the afternoon of September 11th, all exhibition displays were successfully moved and cleared out, on-site security staffs accomplished inspection of move-out procedure. The Furniture Exhibition was the first exhibition open to public in the second half of 2016, the scale of exhibition was unprecedented grand. SFSI has treated every details of the procedure to make sure the best service quality would be delivered. We believe that details make huge difference.